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You have reached the website of Naomi Rabinowitz, MD, a physician trained in both Eastern and Western Medicine. She is the founder, and Medical Director Emeritus, of the renowned medical clinic in New York City,  Turning Point Acupuncture.  Her practice opened in 1985 with the mission to adapt Traditional Chinese Medicine to contemporary needs. Dr. Rabinowitz recognized that our fast-paced culture exacted a huge physical, emotional and spiritual toll that result in poor health.
Dr. Rabinowitz's practice, then and now, seeks to bridge the gap between Western and complementary medicines. Treatment consists of acupuncture and Chinese herbs, in addition to diet, exercise, and stress management strategies. This addresses an individual's immediate health needs, while strengthening and rebalancing the body's underlying energetic force. The goal is to achieve harmony and a sense of well-being with the ongoing stressors of everyday living.
Dr. Rabinowitz's office reopened in January 2013 as a purely acupuncture practice.
She no longer practices Western Medicine

Last updated August 30th, 2018